Hydroponic Power Tower

$200.00 inc. GST

We’re super proud to offer you our premier freestanding Hydroponic Power Tower Garden system. If you’re interested in having control over your food and growing your own food – then you’ll be interested and impressed by our freestanding vertical hydroponic system. Our hydroponic power tower gardens are made from extremely durable, UV treated, (BPA Free) FDA approved food grade recycled Plastic (therefore the unit is fully recyclable). It’s easy to get bigger, better results faster, both outdoors and indoors with these hydroponic garden systems.


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  • 3 tier large stacking planters
  • 9 plant sites
  • 9 net pots
  • 20L reservoir
  • water gauge and dranage tap
  • Includes all tubing and pump
  • Stands 80cm high
  • Very simple to setup – plug and play!
  • 12 Month warranty on parts

Spacers available in 3 sizes (11cm, 7cm or 5cm).

We have found that Hy-Gen Hydro Grow works well for leafy greens and Hy-Gen Hydro Bloom works well for strawberries!

Even though your resivoir is 20L you may find it easier to mix your nutrients in a 9L Watering Can, then for 2 weeks just top up with rain water or tap water that has been left to stand for 24 hours before use (so the chlorine off gases).

You will also need to keep your ph between 5.5 & 6.5 (6 is idea!) so it is recommended to have some pH down on hand.

To get the most out of your Hydroponic Tower it is best to check check your pH (water’s acidity or alkalinity) & EC (nutrient content of water) on a regular basis (1 to 2 days). To do this may we suggest an instument that measures both! AquaMaster Combo.