Globe PowerPlant MH 600w SuperVeg

$80.00 inc. GST

  • Efficiency – PowerPlant lamps provide more lumens per watt than other lamps
  • More usable light energy without sacrificing intensity or lamp life
  • Flexible Retro Fit – Both PowerPlant HPS and PowerPlant MH are designed to run on the same control gear
  • Full Spectrum – PowerPlant provides the full spectrum light that plants need, providing richer, more nutritious light
  • Tailored to promote optimum development at each plant growth stage


Full product description


Metal halides have the more balanced spectrum. The light they give out has a significant amount of light from the bluer end of the spectrum, which the plant uses to grow vegetatively. It produces plants with a small internodal length, with large leaves and thick stems. It produces the most natural looking plants. It simulates the light from the beginning of the year and is good for plants before they’re switched into flowering mode. They’re normally slightly more expensive than HPS. Recently, there have been ‘enhanced spectrum’ MH bulbs produced which also give off a significant amount of red light. Conversion bulbs are also available which plug into HPS ballasts which are actually MH bulbs. Useful for changing the light balance without changing the ballasts also.

Powerplant Metal Halide lamps are designed for your plants growth period as they deliver a blue spectrum of light at 4000 Kelvin.

Providing your plants with a pure blue spectrum of light will encourage them to become much bushier with thicker stems and lush green growth and this will help to maximise the potential of your plants when you enter your flowering period.


Simply remove the old lamp and replace with the new lamp.

Always make sure the old lamp has cooled down before replacing. Never touch the new lamp with your skin, make sure you use a small cloth or something similar.

We recommend that lamps are replaced every 12 to 14 months, after 14 months there is an appreciable drop in the lumen output leading to a reduction in crop yield.

In the event of a power failure, they need about 20 minutes before restating. They may restart earlier but it shortens the life of the bulb quite dramatically to try and start a hot bulb.