Buckets and Tubs

Choose from a variety of pot and tub sizes to suit your growing area and system. We have pots for seedlings, NFT systems, as well as Run-to-Waste and Recirculating systems. Our tubs are also available in a range of sizes with the three most popular listed below.

Send us an email if you are looking for a size not currently listed.
All our pots and tubs are made of new materials and are therefore classified as food grade.

  • 300mm Bucket


  • 410 Bucket


  • 510 Bucket


  • 75mm Mesh Pot


  • 80mm Mesh Pot


  • 120mm Mesh Pot


    200mm Mesh Pot


  • 290mm Square Bucket


  • 290mm Square with Holes



  • 65 ltr Tub with lid


  • 160 ltr Tub no lid


  • 200 ltr Tub no lid


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