Pumps Water & Air

Water Pumps

The Aqua One™ range of water pumps, as well as being reliable, has become very popular. Great for use in aquariums or hydroponic systems, they now come with a three year guarantee.





Air Pumps

The Aqua One™air pumps are designed for aquariums and hydroponic systems. They come in a two or four outlet size that enables you to connect either two or four air stones at the same time. They both have a variable speed control and come with a three year guarantee.

  • 1 outlet


  • 2 outlets


Aqua One Glass Bodied Heaters

The Aqua One™ is popular and long lasting. All Aqua One glass aquarium heaters come with a 6 month warranty and have the Australian approval #N17821. Available in a wide range of sizes from 55w to 300watts.

  • 100w


  • 150w


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