Lighting ; HPS MH Ballasts, Reflectors

Hydroponics Richo’s 4 Hydro stock one of the largest ranges of lighting equipment for hydroponic, aquaponic and horticultural use in Western Australia. Lighting equipment can be purchased as individual components or as complete lighting kits.


HPS Lamps

High Pressure Sodium Lamps are one of the most common types of lamp used for plant growth. We always have lamps in stock from the major manufacturers, GE, Sylvania, Philips, Eye, Growlush and Osram.

GE High Pressure Sodium Lamps include the LucaGrow 400w and LucaGrow 600w

  • 400w Lucagrow

  • 600w Lucagrow




Philips agricultural specific High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamp, the Son T Agro, is available in both 400 watt and 600 watt versions.

  • 400w SonTAgro

  • 600w SonT




GrowLush produce the GrowLush 400HPS and the GrowLush600 HPS. A great budget priced choice.

  • 400w Growlush

  • 600w Growlush



Spectrum is rapidly becoming the standard for small low heat installations. Unballasted lamps do not need ballasts. They provide exceptional light output, whilst generating very low heat.

  • 2700k

  • 6400K

  • 14000K



Some hobbyists use metal halide lamps to get their plants growing and up to size, then once the plants get to the size necessary for the environment they are in, the photoperiods are altered and the lamps are changed. Retro lamps let the grower use the one ballast for two different types of lamps.

Sunmaster have the 600MH. The Sumaster is a metal halide retro lamp that works in a HPS ballast.

Eye lamps offer the high performance reliability with the MT1000BH67. The Eye Retro is a metal halide lamp that runs on a euro type HPS 1000 ballast.

Sylvania have the ULX880. The ULX is a High Pressure Sodium lamp that runs on a Metal Halide ballast.

  • Sunmaster 1000 MH


  • ULX 880



Available in 400watt, 600watt, and 1000watt configurations, all our ballasts come with a 12month guarantee. We have some great choices with the new blue ballasts, the budget priced GrowLush ballasts, and the top of the line JB range.

Digital Ballasts

    • Galaxy 400w-600w turbo

      Galaxy Ballast 400w-600w turbo $400



Electronic Ballasts

  • Lumatek 400w-600w


  • Lumatek 600w-1000w


JB Ballasts

  • 400w



  • 600w




Defenders are the most popular brand of reflector sold in our store. Patented aluminum Defender reflectors are fully adjustable and easy to assemble.

  • Defender Small


  • Defender Large


  • Deep Bowl Small


  • Deep Bowl Large


  • LampHolder-Bowl




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