Hydroponic Extras

White on Black (Panda) and Mylar films

Panda Plastic and Mylar are both used for their reflective properties. Panda Plastic is white on one side and black on the other whereas Mylar is a highly reflective metal coated film. Both are ideal for use in grow rooms and green houses. Panda plastic is available by the metre and in 30m rolls. Mylar Rolls come in 7, 15 and 30m sizes.

  • $10 PER METRE
  • 15 METRES $75
  • 30 METRES $120


Timers range from basic 10amp units designed for watering systems or one-two lights to heavy duty timers that can run up to 60 amps.

  • JBL Timers

  • 15 Amp H/Duty Timer

    FROM $275
  • 30 Amp H/Duty Timer

    From $400
  • 60 Amp H/Duty Timer


Flexible black poly hose

Flexible Black Poly Hose is made in Adelaide and is available in 19mm, 13mm, 6mm and 4mm diameter. 19mm and 13mm come in 10m lengths and the 6mm and 4mm can be purchased by the metre.

  • 4mm

    $1 PER METRE
  • 6mm

    $3 PER METRE
  • 13mm

    10 M $27
  • 19mm

    10 M $39

Aquarium Airstones and Airline

We carry a large range of Air Pumps, Air Stones and Water Heaters.

Pruning and Trimming

We have a great selection of quality ARS Snips and Secateurs to make your time in the garden more productive.

  • $85
  • $40
  • $40
  • $65

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