There are two types of duct currently available. One is a plain Black Flexible Duct and the other is Acoustic Duct. Flexible duct is suitable for those wishing to move air from one area to another and the acoustic duct is ideal for those wanting to muffle the noise of a fan.

  • Acoustic Ducting

    10mm : $ 35
    150mm: $ 45
    200mm: $ 50
    250mm: $ 60
    300mm: $ 65

  • Black flexible duct

    ALL SIZES 10mm $ 35

Carbon Filters

Can Filters use only quality pelletised activated carbon. Made of a durable steel construction and come with a choice of flange adaptors to suit any fan size.

  • Can Filter 33

  • Can Filter 66

  • Can Filter 75

  • Can Filter 100


Can Fans

  • Can Filter 100

  • Can-Fan RS200LX

  • Can-Fan RS250LX

  • Can-Fan RS315LX


Ventilation Fittings

TWe carry a plastic range of Y-Splits and a galvanised steel range of Wall Flanges. Y-Splits are a popular way of dividing your airflow and are available in a number of sizes. Wall Flanges as the name suggests are used to secure ducting to a wall or flat surface and are also available in different sizes.

  • Y splits


  • Wall flanges


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