Customer Projects

Matts Hydroponic Garden

130922    131020

My first hydroponic setup with air pump and                 After 3 weeks i had way too much lettuce and was

“General Hydroponics Maxigrow”.                               giving it away!

20131029_104404     20131029_105009

Expanded system for seedlings, strawberries,              This has been easy and fun, the plants

capsicum, chillies, spinach and herbs.                         are growing twice as fast with less water!


Rob n Pete’s Hydroponic Garden

20131030_133157     20131030_142118

Pvc pipe, solar cell driven pump recirculating system    Planted our first hydroponic corn. cucumber and

“General Hydroponics Maxigrow”.                                strawberries :)


Julias Hydroponic Garden

julia    julia1

I started one with lettuce and basil and there just         They grew so well i started another one with chives,

sitting in tap water and Maxigrow.                               strawberries, cucumbers and cherry tomatoes.

Vertical Gardens

20131116_121359 20131120_161957_Elcar Ln

You can grow anything you like ( lettuce, radish, beans, and the list goes on.)And the best part it is on wheels

so you can follow the sun all year round.


Acme Tanks

Acme 14 51 Days Later

Just about the easiest way to grow Hydroponically.

Julie’s 3 Pot System Garden


This is a very simple way to grow in a very small area. I grew these Cherry Tomatoes in a small corner in my back garden. The idea is simple, the bottom tub holds the water with the nutrients the next tub is a spacer with a hole in it ti put the pump in and the top tub hold the expanded clay to grow my vegetables.

Pete’s Wall Hung Garden

20131129_085300      20131129_085354

Just goes to prove you a can grow anywhere.            This is only a meter across            

20131129_085311      20131129_085519

A dustbin doubles a reservoir holds 80 litres                 Cos Lettuce and Fancy Lettuce

20131129_085420      20131129_085407

Mint roots going wild                                                            Mint with Lettuce

20131129_085446      20131129_085322

 Lettuce roots doing really well in expanded clay      Two types of Lettuce

20131129_085332     20131129_085505

Rainbow Silverbeet                                                                   Has very red roots

This System like most Hydroponis systems works with nutrient filled water being pumped up and gravity bring it back to the reservoir. All these were grown from very small seedling 2 weeks ago. They should be ready to harvest in another 3 weeks. I have the system on a timer going on for 30 minutes every 2 hours starting at 7 am and finishing at 7 pm and resting in the water filled pipes over night. I am using Canna Vega at the rate of 2mm per litre of A+B ( 120mm of each into 60 litres of water) all grown in expanded clay. If I was growing anything that has a flower ( Tomatoes Eggplant ETC ) I would change to Canna Flores at the same rate when the flower started to appear.

Sarah’s Tomatoes

Sarah came into the shop and asked me to make her a small hydroponic system and this is the result. A large tomatoe plant with strawberries and basil.



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